We are Lucy and Bex, founders of Pura Vida Stores, an eco friendly and plastic free alternative shop in Gammon Walk, Barnstaple, with a wide range of products to suit your home living needs.

Our store name is inspired by the Costa Rican ethos. “Pura Vida” is a way of life. Costa Rica is one of seven blue zones in the world and is a leader environment policy with aims to be carbon neutral by 2021. 

Our aim is to be as waste free and ethical as possible, sourcing products locally where possible, and ensuring products sourced further afield are fair trade and ethically produced. We are committed to sourcing cruelty and chemical free beauty and cleaning products. 

About Lucy

Animals and nature have always been my life – I have my Nan to thank for that. I love wildlife, the outdoors and especially the ocean, and so naturally want to protect them.

I have tried to lead an environmentally friendly, cruelty and chemical free life for many years and am an avid researcher so have always looked for the best alternatives for my family and have probably driven them slightly mad in the process.

I’ve worked practically with animals, mainly horses and now have a small holding here in the lovely North Devon.

I have taught for many years hopefully inspiring young people to care a little more for their environment along the way… then it was time for a change. I wanted to do more to promote this way of life and make it easier for likeminded people to shop more ethically; hence the opening of Pura Vida Stores with my like-minded but much younger friend Bex.

Our aim is to provide the local community with a choice, and encourage more people to shop in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way. 

About Bex

I love animals hence my degree in Animal Science. During my study I developed a special interest in animal cognition and anatomy and also the impact that the changing environment is having on many species.

My passion for all things ‘animal’ led me to a career in teaching allowing me to pass this interest on to a younger generation and hopefully inspire them to be interested in the natural world.

My experience with such a wide range of species whilst managing a college animal centre makes my mission to improve the future for nature much more personal as I know what these animals need and the impact that the human race is having on them.

I’m glad to have met Lucy – we have much in common hence the opening of Pura Vida Stores.

I am deeply rooted in nature values and an advocate for our company’s sustainable approach to sourcing our products.

I have always been at one with nature and look forward to sharing my passion and determination with our customers. I want to make a stand for a zero waste future.


The dragonfly is a true reflection of our mission. It represents everything we aim to achieve with our new venture and what we are asking of our customers. 

The self REALISATION that everything we, as individuals do, can make a difference. 

The ADAPTATIONS we have to make to our lives. (Shopping and cooking a little differently) 

The TRANSFORMATION stage where we start to appreciate and enjoy these adaptations and find even more new ways of doing things. 

Which leads to a permanent CHANGE to our life style. 

Many of you will already be well established in your journey to help restore our planet and some may be at the start. We would love to help that journey a little easier by providing a store to cater for your every day needs. 

Our world is in our hands, let’s make a difference.

“We are the last generation with a real opportunity to save the world.”

Laurence Overmire


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Homeware & Household Goods

Items include:
 • Kitchen/Bathroom Cleaners
• Multisurface sanitisers
• Cork products
• Bags, wallets & purses
• Toothbrushes

Organic Groceries

Items include:
 • Pasta & Rice
• Cereals
• Herbs & Spices
• Dried Fruit
• Tea & Coffee
• Nuts & Seeds

Beauty, Cosmetics & Hygiene

Items include:
 • Shampoo
• Oils & Creams
• Vegan Soap Bars
• Bath Soaks
• Deodorant Sticks
• Pads & Tampons


Items include:
 • Porcelain Jewellery
• Silver Jewellery
• Gold Jewellery
• Bracelets
• Earrings
• Necklaces

COVID-safe protocols now in place:

  • Hand sanitiser on entry
  • Compulsory face covering in store
  • Maximum of 4 customers in store at any one time
  • Staff currently dispensing food products to minimise contact
  • Handles of dispensers etc sanitised daily
  • Staff sanitise between serving customers
  • Staff wear face covering
  • Cleaning products conform to BSEN 1276