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Organic Loose Food and Household Cleaning Refills
Please be aware that prices may vary as we update stock

Organic Pumpkin Seeds £1.60/100g
Organic Sunflower Seeds £1.00/100g
Organic Poppy Seeds £2.00/100g
Organic Flax Seeds 50p/100g
Organic Ground Flax Seed 90p/100g
Organic Chia Seeds £1.10/100g
Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds £2/100g
Organic White Sesame Seeds 65p/100g
Organic Black Sesame Seeds 80p/100g
Organic Nigella Seeds 25p/10g
Organic Spouting Mix 85p/100g

Organic Luxurious Granola £1/100g
Organic Premium Muesli 70p/100g
Organic Muesli 40p/100g
Organic Corn Flakes GF 55p/100g
Organic Jumbo Oats 35p/100g
Organic Rolled Oats GF 50p/100g
Organic Barley Flakes 30p/100g
Organic Rye Flakes 40p/100g
Organic Buckwheat Groats 40p/100g
Organic Cous Cous 65p/100g
Organic Red/White Quinoa 70p/100g
Organic Pearl Barley 45p/100g
Organic Popcorn 50p/100g
Organic Wholemeal Bread Crumbs 80p/100g
Organic Chickpeas 45p/100g
Organic Red Lentils 40p/100g
Organic Brown Lentils 40p/100g
Organic Beluga Lentils 60p/100g
Organic Green Lentils 65p/100g
Organic Yellow Split Peas 50p/100g
Organic Aborio Rice 75p/100g
Organic White Basmati Rice 45p/100g
Organic Brown Basmati Rice 45p/100g
Organic Long Grain White Rice 45p/100g
Organic Long Grain Brown Rice 45p/100g
Organic Wild Rice £3/100g
Organic Red Rice 70p/100g
Organic Macaroni Pasta 55p/100g
Organic Brown/white Penne Pasta 40p/100g
Organic Fusilli Pasta GF 65p/100g
Organic White Spaghetti 80p/250g
Organic Wholewheat Spaghetti 80p/100g
Organic Wholewheat Tagliatelle 80p/100g
Organic Spelt Fusilli WG 70p/100g
Organic Emmer Casarecce WG 70p/100g
Organic Spelt Mezzi Rigatoni 70p/100g
Organic Spelt Conchiglie 70p/100g
Organic Einkorn Gigli Rigati 70p/100g
Organic Stoneground Emmer & Fava Bean
Organic Arame Seaweed £1.35/10g
Organic Beetroot Powder £2/100g
Organic Bee Pollen 50p/10g
Organic Blueberry Powder £1.20/10g
Organic Maca Powder £2.25/100g
Organic Nutritional Yeast £3.50/100g
Organic Neem Powder 40p/10g
Organic Spirulina Powder £2.40/100g
Organic Sunflower Mince 35p/10g
Organic Wheat Grass Powder £2.50/100g
Fresh Peanut Butter 95p/100g
Organic Baking Powder 90p/100g
Organic Carob Powder 90p/100g
Organic Cacao Raw Nibs £1.50/100g
Organic Cacao Powder £2.60/100g
Organic Cacao Butter £2.80/100g
Organic Polenta 50p/100g
Organic Coconut Palm Sugar £1/100g
Organic Unrefined Icing Sugar 65p/100g
Organic Date Sugar £1/100g
Organic Dark Brown Sugar 75p/100g
Organic Raw Cane Sugar 70p/100g
Organic Panela(Brown Cane Sugar)75p/100g
Organic Unrefined Caster Sugar 45p/100g

Coast & Moore Decaf Beans £2.50/100g
Coast & Moore Discover Beans £2.50/100g
Coast & Moore Expresso Beans £2.50/100g
Organic Union Coffee Beans £2.80/100g

Organic Bay Leaves 20p/10g
Organic Basil 55p/10g
Organic Rolled Chives 80p/10g
Organic Dill 77p/10g
Organic Lemon Grass £1.50/10g
Organic Oregano 75p/10g
Organic Marjoram 50p/10g
Organic Dried Mint 70p/10g
Organic Parsley £1.50/10g
Organic Rosemary 40p/10g
Organic Sage 65p/10g
Organic Tarragon 75p/10g
Organic Thyme 50p/10g
Organic Aseel Dates (Pitted) 60p/100g
Ancho Chillies 50p/100g
Organic Apple Rings £2.50/100g
Organic Banana Chips £1.10/100g
Organic Currents £1/100g
Organic Candied Orange Peel £1.45/100g
Organic Candied Lemon Peel £1.45/100g
Organic Coconut Chips £1.20/100g
Organic Crystalized Ginger £1.60/100g
Organic Desilicated Coconut 80p/100g
Organic Dried Mango £2.25/100g
Organic Dried Pineapple £3/100g
Organic Dried Figs £1.60/100g
Organic Dried Tomato’s £2/100g
Organic Dried Sultana’s 70p/100g
Organic Dried Raisin’s 70p/100g
Organic Dried Apricots £1.25/100g
Organic Deglet Nour Dates 90p/100g
Organic Dried Cranberries £2.50/100g
Organic Goji Berries 30p/10g
Organic Galangal Slices £2.50/100g
Organic Medjool Dates £1.60/100g
Organic Pitted Prunes £1.80/100g
Dried Porcini Mushrooms 95p/10g
Organic Brazils £2/100g
Organic Walnuts £2/100g
Organic Cashews £2/100g
Organic Hazelnuts £2/100g
Organic Roasted Hazelnuts £2.50/100g
Organic Pine Nuts £4/100g
Organic Almonds £2/100g
Organic Pecans £2.40/100g
Organic Tamari Roasted Almonds £3/100g
Peanuts Toasted 90p/100g
Organic Trail Mix £2/100g

PICK N MIX (vegan)
Lemon&Rasp fizzy skulls  £1.25/100g
Blue Bon Bons GF £1.25/100g
Blue Raspberry Belts £1.30/100g
Cola Skulls (Fizzy) £1.25/100g
Marshmallows £1.25/100g
Rainbow Ribbons £1.25/100g
Sour Octopus £1.25/100g
Strawberries £1.25/100g
Gummie Bear £2.50/100g

Peanut Butter 95p/100g
Almond Butter £2.00/100g
Organic Almond & Coconut £1.60/100g
Organic Hazelnut Butter £2.50/100g

Organic Tamari Chinese £1.30/100ml

Organic Chamomile Flower Tea £2.80/50g
Organic Nettle Tea £2.80/50g
Organic Peppermint Tea £2.80/50g
Organic Hibiscus Tea £2.80/50g
Organic Lemon Balm Tea £2.80/50g
Organic Breakfast Tea £2.50/50g
Organic Chun Mee Green Tea £2.80/50g
Earl Grey Tea £2.80/50g
Organic Pine Needle Tea £3/50g
Organic Liquorice Root £2/50g
Organic Rooibos Tea £3/50g
Organic Chai Tea £2.30/50g
Organic Dandelion Tea £3/50g
Organic Lavender Flower 50p/10g
Organic Matcha Powder Tea £2/10g
Echinacea Purpurea Tea £3.50/50g
Exmoor Tea Individual Pyramids (Breezy Breakfast, Groovy Green, Devious Decaf, Fruity Fusion, Moorish Mint, Gorgeous Grey & Chillin Chamomile) 30p each
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil £1.25/100ml
Organic Rapeseed Oil 58p/100ml
Organic Oleic Sunflower Oil £1/100ml
Organic Toasted Sesame Oil £1.20/100ml
Organic White Tahini £1.80/100g
Organic Allspice (Pimento) £1/10g
Organic Ground Allspice 65p/10g
Organic Cinnamon Sticks 70p/10g
Organic Cinnamon Powder 36p/10g
Organic Cumin Seeds 32p/10g
Organic Ground Cumin 32p/10g
Organic Whole Clove 30p/10g
Organic Crushed Chillies 45p/10g
Organic Spicy Chilli Powder 20p/10g
Organic Dried Chillies 95p/100g
Organic Curry Leaves 85p/10g
Organic Coriander Seed 35p/10g
Organic Ground Coriander 25p/10g
Organic Cajun Spice 25p/10g
Organic Carraway Seed 20p/10g
Organic Fennel Seed 25p/10g
Organic Garlic Powder 20p/10g
Organic Root Ginger 15p/10g
Organic Garam Masala 30p/10g
Organic Juniper Berries 20p/10g
Organic Nutmeg 25p/10g
Organic Ground Nutmeg 30p/10g
Organic Mixed Spice 25p/10g
Organic Onion Powder 15p/10g
Organic Mild Curry Powder 25p/10g
Organic Spanish Paprika 25p/10g
Organic Smoked Paprika 50p/10g
Organic Star Anise 80p/10g
Organic Turmeric Haldi 15/p/10g
Organic Taco Seasoning 30p/10g
Organic Whole Brown Cardamon 40p/10g
Organic Whole Green Cardamon £1.50/10g
Organic Ground Cardamon 90p/10g
Organic Yellow Mustard Seed 20p/10g
Mild Curry Powder 25p/10g
Organic Vegetable Bouillon £1.50/100g
Organic Black Salt 90p/100g
Organic Black Peppercorns 60p/10g
Organic Cracked Black Pepper 40p/10g
Organic Himalayan Fine Salt 60p/100g
Organic Himalayan Coarse Salt 90p/100g
Organic Pink Peppercorns 65p/10g
Natural Sea Salt Crystals 20p/100g
Devon Sea Salt £4/70g Refill pouch
Dorset Sea Salt Flakes £2/100g
Celtic Salt £1/100g
Happi Oat Milk Buttons V £2.25/100g
Happi Oat Milk HoneyCombe V £3/100g
Dark Chocolate Buttons V £2/100g
Milk Chocolate Buttons £2/100g
Luxurious Thick Hot Chocolate £1.50/100g
Organic Milk Choc Peanuts £2/100g
Organic Dark Choc Raisins £2/100g
Organic Fava Beans SeaSalt/Sweet Chilli 18p/10g
Organic Parsnip/Beetroot Crisps 22p/10g
Organic Sea Salt Crisps 22p/10g
Spiced Roasted Chickpeas 70p/100g
Organic Wasabi Beans 18p/10g
Organic Almond Flour £2.20/100g
Organic Amaranth Flour 50p/100g
Organic Brown Rice Flour GF 25p/100g
Organic Buckwheat Flour GF 50p/100g
Organic Cake & Pastry Flour 20p/100g
Organic Coconut Flour 70p/100g
Organic Chickpea Flour 75p/100g
Organic Corn Flour 50p/100g
Organic Hemp Flour 70p/100g
Organic Malthouse Flour 25p/100g
Organic Pizza Flour 25p/100g
Organic Plain White Flour GF 18p/100g
Organic Rye Flour 32p/100g
Organic Stoneground Flour WG 25p/100g
Organic Self Raisin Flour GF 18p/100g
Organic Tiger Nut Flour GF £1.10/100g
Organic White Self Raisin 18p/100g
Organic Wholemeal Flour 18p/100g
Organic Wholemeal Spelt 25p/100g
Organic Wholemeal Strong Flour 18p/100g
Organic Wholegrain Oat Flour GF 60p/100g
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 50p/100ml
Organic Balsamic Vinegar 80p/100ml
Organic White Wine Vinegar 40p/100ml

Aloe Vera Shampoo 100ml/£1.20
Aloe Vera Conditioner 100ml/£1.20
Aloe Vera Body Wash 100ml/£1.20
Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Hand Wash 100ml/£1.20
Tea Tree Shampoo 100ml/£1.20
Tea Tree Conditioner 100ml/£1.20
Tea Tree Body Wash 100ml/£1.20
Seaweed & Citrus Shampoo 100ml/£1.20
Seaweed & Citrus Conditioner 100ml/£1.20
Seaweed & Citrus Body Wash 100ml/£1.20
Coconut Shampoo 100ml/£1.20
Coconut Conditioner 100ml/£1.20
Coconut Body Wash 100ml/£1.20
Lavender & Geranium Shampoo 100ml/£1.20
Lavender & Geranium Conditioner 100ml/£1.20
Lavender & Geranium Body Wash 100ml/£1.20
Lavender & Geranium Hand Wash 100ml/£1.20
Jojoba Shampoo 100ml/£1.20
Jojoba Conditioner 100ml/£1.20
Wild Rose Body Wash 100ml/£1.20
Wild Rose Hand Wash 100ml/£1.20

Grapefruit & Orange Shampoo 100ml/£1.20

Grapefruit & Orange Conditioner 100ml/£1.20


Bathroom (Pomegranate Tide) £1.50
Anti-Bac (Ocean Mist) £1.50
Glass (Sea Spray) £1.50
Kitchen Degreaser (Citrus Kelp) £1.50
All Purpose Floor Cleaner (Rhubarb) £1.50
Multi-Purpose (Lavender Wave) £1.50
Organic Rose Water 10ml/60p
Organic Witch Hazel 10ml/40p
Organic Sweet Almond 10ml/70p
Organic Jojoba 10ml/£1.10
Organic Argan
Blusher Peach/Pink 1g/£2
Eye Shadow Brown/Sapphire 1g/£4
Foundation Glow
Bath Melt (Lavender & Chamomile) 1 melt/50p
Bath Melt (Rose & Calendula) 1 melt/50p
Bath Melt (Rose Floral) 1 melt/50p
Lime Body Scrub 100g/£4.50
Eucalyptus Bath Soak 100g/£2.50
1L Glass Milk Bottle £1.20
1L Recycled Plastic Bottle with pump or flip top £2.00
500ml Recycled Plastic Bottle with pump or flip top £1.50
500ml Amber Glass Bottle with pump, spray or screw lid £4.20
300ml Amber Glass Bottle with pump, spray or screw lid £3.20
250ml Amber Glass Bottle with pump £2.70
250ml Blue Glass Bottle £3.00
150ml Glass Bottle with cork lid £2.00
100ml Glass Amber Bottle with pump £2.00
100ml Glass Bottle with cork lid £1.50
50ml Glass Bottle with cork lid £1.25
120ml Amber Glass Jar with screw lid £1.80
60ml Amber Glass Jar with screw lid £1.50
We have various glass clip jars and herb pots, large and small. We also have different size tins that can be purchased.
SESI Washing Up Liquid 26p/100ml
SESI Bio Laundry Liquid 50p/100ml
SESI Non-Bio Laundry Liquid 50p/100ml
SESI Fabric Conditioner 22p/100ml
SESI Non-Bio Washing Powder 48p/100g
SESI Epsom Salts 49p/100g
SESI Dish Washer Powder 50p/100g
SESI Hand Wash English Rose 60p/100ml
SESI Toilet Cleaner 39p/100ml
SESI Cream Cleaner 40p/100ml
SESI All Purpose Surface Cleaner 28p/100ml
SESI Window & Glass Cleaner 20p/100ml
Organic Castile Soap 66p/100ml
Citrus Powder 56p/100g
Bicarbonate of Soda (Cleaning Grade) 40p/100g
Scrub Powder 50p/100g
Rinse Aid 50p/100ml
Cleaning Vinegar 24p/100ml
Face, Body & Hair Lotion Chamomile, Lemon Balm & Lavender 10ml/£1.20
Face, Body & Hair Lotion Rose, Aloe Vera & Rose Geranium 10ml/£1.20
Face, Body & Hair Moisturiser Chamomile, Lemon Balm & Lavender 10ml/£1.25
Face, Body & Hair Moisturiser Rose, Aloe Vera & Rose Geranium 10ml/£1.25
Foaming Facial Wash 100ml/£2.75
Facial Toner 100ml/£3
Facial Cleanser 100ml/£3.75
Hand, Body & Face Wash Barum Veda with Sandalwood 100ml/£1.60
Hand, Body & Face Wash Calm Oasis with Lavender 100ml/£1.50
Hand, Body & Face Wash Ayurvedic Spa with Sandalwood 100ml/£1.20

COVID-safe protocols now in place:

  • Hand sanitiser on entry
  • Compulsory face covering in store
  • Maximum of 4 customers in store at any one time
  • Staff currently dispensing food products to minimise contact
  • Handles of dispensers etc sanitised daily
  • Staff sanitise between serving customers
  • Staff wear face covering
  • Cleaning products conform to BSEN 1276